The Rustic Beauty of Kerala

Dive Deep into the Soul of Kerala

The Rustic Beauty of Kerala

When you think of Kerala, a trove of vivid images unfurls before you! Picture-perfect scenes of swaying coconut trees, tranquil backwater cruises, lush paddy fields, and the bustling activity of local fishermen along the coast, all cuddled amidst the verdant landscapes of tea and rubber plantations and traditional tribal villages. To truly immerse yourself in the essence of Kerala-to delve into its rich traditions and vibrant culture-exploring village life is a must.

In the heart of the Alleppey district lies Kuttanad, Kerala's renowned Rice Bowl, where you can witness farming below sea level and experience toddy tapping. Venture to villages in Alappuzha or Kollam to witness the age-old crafts of coir-making and palm leaf weaving, or explore coastal village life in Kumarakom, where entrepreneurial spirit thrives among local women.

In Ernakulam district, Kumbalangi beckons as a charming fishing village, offering hands-on experiences like bait fishing, cast net fishing, and crab farm visits, along with delectable homely-cooked cuisines.

The picturesque Kanthalloor village in Idukki, aptly known as the 'Fruit Bowl of Kerala,' cultivates various fruits like apples, peaches, gooseberries, plums, and pomegranates and implements women-friendly tourism programs. 

Meanwhile, Kurava Island in Wayanad invites adventure-seekers for bamboo rafting and forest trekking, accompanied by authentic local delicacies.

Don't miss the enchanting allure of Kalpathy village in Palakkad, Kerala's first heritage village, where time-honoured traditions thrive along the banks of the Kalpathy River. Experience the splendour of the annual ratholsavam (chariot) festival, a spectacle not to be missed.

For an intimate encounter with Kerala's tribal culture, journey to the Parambikulam tribal village in Palakkad, where warm hospitality welcomes visitors to witness firsthand the rich tapestry of tribal life. And in Wayanad, 'En Ooru' stands as Kerala's first tribal village, offering a glimpse into the artistic craftsmanship of tribal artisans.

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