A Retreat into the Heart of Nature


Seeking a serene escape into nature's embrace? Yearning for the lush greenery of wooded landscapes, far from the urban hustle? Journey to Wayanad, Kerala's northern gem cradled amidst the Western Ghats. Immerse yourself in its wild beauty, where tribal traditions and rural culture paint a surreal tapestry. Discover tranquility and adventure in this verdant hill station, where every moment is a captivating embrace of Mother Nature's wonders.

Explore the diverse attractions of Wayanad, where the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary stands as a testament to its rich biodiversity, part of the renowned Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The sanctuary committed to scientific conservation, harmonising with the lives of local tribes and neighboring human settlements. From the  wonders of the Edakkal Caves to the beauty of Pookode Lake, and the historical significance of Pazhassi Raja Museum, Wayanad offers a wealth of experiences to uncover. Take a journey through time at Edakkal Caves, Pazhassi Raja Tomb, and Wayanad Heritage Museum, tracing the footsteps of history amidst breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures.

Experience the agricultural abundance of Wayanad, renowned for its vibrant spice cultivation and lush plantations. From fragrant coffee and tea to flavorful pepper and cardamom, the district's diverse crops thrive in its fertile soil. Discover the art of rubber production and the cultivation of vanilla and areca nut, adding to the region's rich agricultural tradition. Delight in the aromatic Gandhakasala and Jeerakasala rice, cultivated by local tribes in Sultan Bathery and Mananthavady, offering a taste of authentic Wayanad cuisine. Get engaged in the vibrant culture of Wayanad's tribal communities, including the Paniyas, Kurichiyans, Kattunayakans, and Uraali Kurumas, as you explore the captivating heritage village of 'En Ooru.' Experience the traditions, art forms, and hospitality of these indigenous peoples, adding depth and authenticity to your Wayanad adventure.

Be it trekking, boating, pilgrimage or a stay at plantations, Wayanad offers a diverse package for every visitor. 

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