A Perfect Blend of Beachside Bliss and Sacred Pilgrimage


Varkala is known for its pristine beaches, pilgrim centres, backwaters and ayurvedic centres. For a distinct tourism experience, explore the captivating and much famed beach at Varkala - the Papanasam Beach. Renowned for its stunning cliff formations and panoramic vistas, it offers a harmonious blend of adventure, spiritual serenity, and natural wonders. The magnificent Varkala cliff, a geological marvel, commands jaw dropping views of the Arabian Sea and has been designated as a geological monument. This beach holds spiritual significance as well, with the ancient Janardhanaswamy Temple and the nearby Sivagiri Mutt, founded by the revered religious reformer Sree Narayana Guru, adding to its cultural allure. Sarkara Devi Temple and Thiruvambadi Sree Krishna Temple are the other pilgrim centres of the place. 

It is believed that one's sins get washed away in the waters at Varkala. It is renowned as a sacred pilgrimage site where devotees believe sins are absolved by the waters. It's a significant centre for balitharpanam or Karkidaka Vavu Bali rituals, honouring departed souls. The sea's medicinal properties, enriched by coastal flora, add to its allure. Varkala's recognition in Lonely Planet's "Best Beaches: 100 of the World’s Most Incredible Beaches' ' underscores its global appeal. Moreover, it's a vibrant hub for water sports enthusiasts, offering thrilling activities like kayaking, parasailing, boat riding, and jet skiing.

Guests also have the opportunity to experience a variety of therapies, massages, and herbal treatments aimed at enhancing their physical, mental, and spiritual health. With experienced practitioners and serene surroundings, Ayurveda in Varkala offers a revitalising retreat from the demands of contemporary living, empowering visitors to commence a voyage of self-exploration and revitalisation.

Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse, Kilimanoor Palace, and Kappil Beach are other important tourist destinations in Varkala. At Kappil, you'll witness the mesmerizing confluence of the sea and backwaters, where the tranquil backwaters seamlessly merge into the vast expanse of the ocean!

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