Kerala’s Traditional Elegance along Vembanad Lake


A village on the banks of the Vembanad Lake with bountiful natural beauty! That is what Kumarakom in Kottayam district is all about! The beautiful backwaters, mangrove forests, and bird sanctuary grace this dreamland. This has also been identified as one of the must-visit places by the National Geographic Magazine. This cluster of islands is a famous tourist backwater hub and an ideal honeymoon destination.

Experience a journey through time aboard the iconic kettuvallam (traditional houseboats), steeped in Kerala's cultural heritage. Indulge in the flavours of the sea with delectable local dishes as you drift along the serene waters. Don't forget to explore the nearby paradise of Pathiramanal, an exquisite island just a stone's throw away from Kumarakom.

Experience the rustic charm of Kerala's rural life along the tranquil shores of Vembanad Lake. Engage in authentic experiences such as coir making, palm leaf weaving, and toddy tapping, reflecting the local culture firsthand.

You can venture into the renowned Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, spanning 14 acres and teeming with avian wonders. You can get on a mesmerising boat journey through the sanctuary's lush expanse, where you'll encounter a diverse array of bird species.

Marvel at the sight of over 25,000 birds representing 180 different species, including the melodious cuckoo, majestic heron, graceful egret, and many more. Witness migratory birds journeying from the Himalayas and Siberia, adding to the sanctuary's enchanting allure.

Discover an abundance of marine wonders in the waters of Vembanad Lake, including prawns (chemeen), tiger prawns (konju), mullets, pearlfish, and catfish. With such diverse aquatic life thriving beneath the surface, Vembanad Lake is the perfect haven for fishing enthusiasts seeking unforgettable angling adventures.

For trekking enthusiasts, you can indulge in a small trek from Kumarakom to the Aruvikkuzhi waterfall.

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